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crews work to replace an underground cable that failed sunday morning. many customers' power has been restored but for those on or just off the main drag here it's still a question as to when they'll be up and running. >> no, this i don't need. but look, it's nobody's fault. like i said, it's a part of doing business. >> reporter: part of business is the price of not being able to do business. sabatinos is a string of restaurants closed today as crews work to bury the new cable. a busy sunday and monday lunch crowd gone, food spoiled, earnings lost. >> make it up now. lost business is like lost sleep. once it's gone it's gone. but it happens. sometimes you have a snowstorm. sometimes you have a power outage. >> reporter: bge says 43 customers will continue to be without power until either later tonight or tomorrow morning. all the while, restaurants
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losing out on money, residents out of touch. >> you got to deal with it, that's right. you got to live with it. >> reporter: no tv? >> no tv. haven't had tv yet. >> reporter: no ravens? >> no ravens. no nothing. no news, no nothing. i haven't heard anything for two days. >> reporter: but there isn't much anyone can do but sit back and watch the massive repair project. hoping, waiting for the power to come back on and put little italy back in business. in little italy. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> bge estimates the project will be complete by tomorrow morning. the cause of the fire that damaged the cable is still undetermined tonight. with the primary just hours away the candidates have stepped up their commercial vendor mailings but what is truth and what is fiction? political advertisements are notorious for stretching the truth. this political season no exception. a viewer sent us a -- what looked like a so-called official ballot here they received in the mail saying me
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felt it could -- they felt it could mislead voters. but the university of law school dean says political speech, rhetoric and satire are protected by the first amendment and it's up to the voter to decide the truth. >> most political rhetoric is aimed at a small and increasingly smaller middle. these people are more persuadable in part because they generally are ambivalent and in part because it turns out in many cases the middle, or the so-called middle is in fact imposed of people who are less tuned in to politics. >> reporter: graber says our society is so politically porlarrized right now it's hard to change peoples' minds once they are made up. one of the nation's biggest political havanaweights is throwing his support behind robert ehrlich. john mccain announced his endorsement. he made the endorsement after a meeting of the u.s. naval academy board of visitors.
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sarah palin, is supporting ehrlich's opponent in tomorrow's primary. business investor brian murphy. celebrating the second year on abc2, mr. sher, host of "squareoff" and some loyal viewers rallied in support of the political show. every sunday, 6:30 you can watch richard sher and his roundtable. he's scheduled to host an anniversary special coming up in mid-october. congratulations, the second year. weatherwise today, a nice day. we had sunshine out there. good-looking weather on the whole, no doubt about that but there are some rough storms actually up in a place of interest of baltimore tonight. that would be the meadowlands. take a look at this. thunderstorm watch up through northern new jersey. southern new york and new york city. this is going to include the area where we have the big game coming up in less than an hour here. so there are storms passing
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through the area of the stadium now. there are a few more storms behind that line in central new york state and you can kind of see those here on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we're in extended range mode tracking the storms as they move through jets stadium. again, we'll see how things shake out. tomorrow in baltimore, another carbon copy of a beautiful day. low to upper -- low 80s to upper 70s across the board. you'll like that. we'll talk about the rest of the week here, see when we'll get more much-needed rain straight ahead. the ken harris murder trial got underway with testimony from the only person who witnessed his death. after two years of an armed robber shot the former councilman in his car outside the new haven lounge the mysterious woman seated next to him that night took the stand. monica foreman-robinson told the jury she met harris through banking at the same financial institution and they became friends. she testified she saw a person in a halloween mask shouting at
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harris just moments before he got into his car. he attempted to start and then something shook the vehicle. when he attempted to drive away and struck a tree that is when she learned he had been shot. the state claims jerome williams' dna was tied to the mask but his attorney disputes that claim. >> no one with identify the three individuals. as i indicated in my opening this is a high-profile case and my suspicion is the police department had to make a quick arrest to calm the fears of the community. >> reporter: the state's witness list contains more than 50 names and the trial is expected to take almost a month to complete. tonight baltimore county police need your help trying to find this -- they say paul palmer charged with attempted murder may be traveling with his pregnant girlfriend, gina distefano. police say palmer escaped from police custody while being transported to the city's central booking facility. palmer and distefano are believed to be trying a silver
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2008 kia spectra, maryland tags 1ex b10. the vehicle has a bent frame and using a doughnut for a tire. anyone with information should call 911, palmer is considered dangerous. the u.s. department of education has announced its latest blue ribbon schools and this year we have a first one. for baltimore county. manny takes us to the first baltimore county high school to earn the distinguished honor. >> what's the number one thing that is most critical in every lab investigation? what is it? >> reporter: with two weeks of school underway, this ninth grade science class is demonstrating how and why easton technical high school is one of five schools in maryland to receive the 2010/2011 national blue ribbon designation. and the school is abuzz.
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>> it's a tremendous amount of pride. i can't believe our students and teachers are full of pride. we have students who want to be here, are very focused on academics. they know that high school is an important stepping stone to get to where they really want to be in life. >> easton technical high school has won numerous awards over the past decade but to be the first high school to achieve the national blue ribbon of excellence, that's quite an honor. it's an impressive resume. 100% of the class of 2010 met their career standards. 96% of daily attendance for the school and the student body. >> being a student here, there's something to fulfill. >> it's an honor we, out of a lot of schools got the honor getting the blue ribbon. i'm proud of easton tech and i'm proud i'm a student here. >> reporter: with the year just getting started easton tech high is gearing up for the next challenge the having all
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its students strive for more excellence. in essex, manny loch, abc2 news. >> eastern tech has also been named one of the nation's top high schools by "newsweek" magazine three years in a row. a significant piece of civil war history for sale in frederick. the barbara frichy house which is documented in a famous poem sits comfortably in the heart of downtown frederick. the two-story red brick structure is a replica of the house from which of the 90 something witnessed waved a union -- waved a union flag. the asking price for the historic home is listed at $185,000. the coach for 14-time olympic gold medalist michael phelps says the baltimore native has a lot of work to do. he's not the best swimmer in the world right now. bob bowman says ryan lahtee
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deserves the honor. he won six gold medals this summer. phelps says this disappointment has motivated him for his ultimate target, the 2012 olympics in london. though the school year kicked into full gear it doesn't mean everyone has your child's best interests. how scammers are working overtime to target children all over maryland. plus, see how a community help center in west baltimore services the area with a more personalized touch. my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends
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reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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from pasadena, california, to pasadena, maryland, kids are back in school. but just because they are in a classroom doesn't mean they are safe from scammers. abc2 news joce sterman has a look at some popular packages that target kids in this week's "scam alert." >> reporter: as parents we all think everything our kids do is adorable. we think they are the most beautiful people on the planet so if someone else thought they were cute enough to model we would probably agree. >> this really appears to the
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vanity about the mom and the child >> reporter: but in this case flattery won't get you anywhere other than potentially scammed. angie barnett with the better business bureau says modeling scams are one of the top ones for kids racking up about 2,000 complaints nationwide each year. if someone says your kid is camera-ready, be careful. many companies are simply trying to get you to pay up front for picture packages, all while promising tons of work for your child model. >> this is sporadic work, it's unreliable work. there's no way they can promise that based on the looks of your child a job is forthcoming. >> reporter: with a modeling company guaranteeing they line up work barnett says that should be a red flag. scammers won't just use flattery about your kids to get your money, they will try complimenting their creative and writing skills to get to your wallet too. they claim your kid with win thousands by entering poetry or
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writing. barnett says it's called vanity press and a popular industry targeting tweens and teens who are told they are so good they can be published in a book. in the end mom and dad shell out the case to get a copy of the compilations the publishers put out. >> it's not like the child's poem will be on the library table or in a book store book shelf. it will just be in the anthology and whoever buys it. >> reporter: to pay to see your kids' work in print that is fine. just know the contests won't likely be their ticket to cash in. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> other tips when it comes to child modeling, get references before signing up with any agency. both old and new, try to find clients who will vouch the company did work for them. with the poetry contests barnett says it's often the free contests to be concerned about. in this case paying up front is not bad because many legitimate contests require an entry fee but won't ask for additional
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cash ones you've paid to be part of the contest. much-needed rain this week. >> sunday was a murky, ugly day but we needed an ugly day. we needed the rain. sunshine back today. hard to complain. smooth-sailing this week for the most part. we didn't get a chance to do this before, 81 degrees the high at bwi marshall today. 82 is your guaranteed forecast. our 2-degree guarantee weather winner, betty from laurel, congratulations to you. you get an abc2 storm umbrella. send your name to enter the contest. ravens taking on the jets here in about 45 minutes. as we look up into northern new jersey a lot of storms coming through the meadowlands and the new stadium there but clearing. there's a little more active weather in behind.
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that cluster of storms but hopefully that will clear. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, watching that little line of storms come through. i'm optimistic this will clear close if not before kickoff. kickoff forecast, 72, still a chance of a shower or storm through the game. winds west 5 to 10. should be a good one for the ravens official season opener tonight, again, taking down the jets we hope. look at this gorgeous shot at the inner harbor. just a beautiful breezy day out there. lighting up the sales across the inner harbor. 80 degrees, humidity 45%. quite comfortable and winds southwest at 9. humidity will climb a little tonight but a cold front comes through dry early tomorrow morning and that will keep it at bay. winds, gusty out of the southwest but as we look at the temperatures, reasonable until you get to western maryland, frederick and beyond pushing 90. but humidity pleasantly low. for the most part it will begin to climb again over the overnight period but then cool air rushing in out of the north should kind of knock the humid back down by midday tomorrow. there's that boundary here
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draped across central ohio. central western pennsylvania. coming down the pike. it will encounter dry air, so we don't spent the front to bring us what would be more welcome rain. it's just not going to happen. as we go later in the week an upper level disturbance toward friday. tomorrow, a few more clouds but i think we'll stay dry. into the wednesday afternoon time frame still looking relatively quiet weatherwise, maybe a shower in western maryland. where it's not quiet now, the tropics heating up in a major way. tropical storm julia off the african coast. but what we're really watching, igor, powerful category 4 hurricane reminiscent of earl and the track, just a little more offshore. that is good for us. bad for bermuda. i got to say this, check this out. this is ominous. anyone you know may be taking that cruise from the harbor to bermuda in the next few days, the track basically brings it centered on bermuda.
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probably at least a category 3 so we'll keep an eye on that. through the evening hours tonight, 58, mostly clear and cool. into the day tomorrow we're talking about 82, mostly sunny, nice day. not too hot and again, i think the humidity will stay reasonable. 7-day forecast, the outlook, no real big change here until we get into thursday night, into friday. there we'll have the chance for scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm or two. drying out for the weekend. right now looks fantastic for swim across america, sunday 83. sunny skies. that will be good weather for that event and for everyone else out there. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 11:00, students and parents at one high school are fired up. they say the kids sat down for a presentation from a blood bank but what they saw was far more disturbing. plus, that small town in california where the public officials got busted for dramatically pumping up their salaries. residents got some payback when politicians were bounced from
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office of the now some payback in the wallet. that story at 11:00. as baby boomers grow older and a number of primary care physicians decline more people are finding it difficult to find quality health care. but now medical centers in cities across the country including here in baltimore are helping people get care. here's susan hendricks with today's "health alert" >> , it's packed at the university care center in baltimore. this is one of three patient-centered medical homes set up by the university of maryland school of medicine. to provide state of the art care to inner city and rural communities, where doctors are scarce and good health facilities usually nonexistent. >> we provide that personalized care, we provide attention to their needs, we try to coordinate as much of their care here as possible in the community. >> reporter: the home which is 15 years old, has become 10 successful it's being promoted as the gold standard for future u.s. health care. they feature high-tech
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equipment, maternity clinics and electronics record system. most patients have insurance or are on medicare or medicaid. >> it's for preventive and chronic care. >> reporter: the practice has more than 10,000 patients. and ed randolph first came to the clinic 10 years ago because of her blood pressure but kept coming back because she trusted the doctors. >> i cannot only sit down and talk medically, i can talk about some problems. >> reporter: a maryland pilot program based on these homes will be launched next year. in homes that other medical institutions across the state will follow the university's lead -- in hopes that other medical institutions across the state will follow the university's lead. i'm susan hendricks. the university of maryland hospital for children unveiled a new center for its patients today. the starlight fun center was a donation from the wyndham hotel group and starlight children's foundation. the fun center is a mobile nintendo wii game system which
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can be wheeled up to the bed when it's time to have an v changed. >> reporter: there are times when doctors and nurses are if i hadlings with the iv, hooking up a new bag. the kid playing wii, they are fine. they are content with it being changed. and whereas if they kindergarten -- didn't have the game to play with it's more of a source of stress. >> doctors and staff say the wii is a nice distraction for the young patients and allows them just to be kids. here's an interesting finding. doctors across the country say more men are complaining of symptoms that usually affect women, menopause. web md reported male patients are receiving hormone therapy with testosterone, that men experience lower testosterone levels along with other symptoms. to read more on this topic, go to and click on
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the health tab. let's take a live look outside. looking at traffic as people head home. not half bad. smooth-sailing. we'll be right back with a look at the closing numbers. i'm bob ehrlich.
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago.
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dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work.
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stocks have extended their rally into a third week. lots of green to show you today. the dow ended up 81 points. the nasdaq was up 43. and the s&p 500 closed 12 points higher. one last check on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. ravens going into action. there's a severe thunderstorm watch still up there through 8:00 but we think this round will clear close to kickoff tonight at 7:00. it will be interesting, maybe a wet field there up at jets stadium. but i think the ravens are still going to take care of business. that's the main thing. season opener. big one. should be good. >> back at 11:00. have a great night.
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now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.

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